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Talent Management


Talent Management is the holistic and humanistic approach to managing the value of human capital as a business imperative; a paradigm shift toward a participatory cultural talent mindset, a living breathing process, where as managing the processes, procedures, and technological activities to attract, retained, develop, reward, and exit the human assets of an organization in an ongoing planned effort to add strategic and economic value to a business.

Recruiting & Selection


This area of our practice focuses on valued add services that addresses the sourcing and selection of talent. Clients have access to specific staffing and recruitment programing suitable for the needs. Clients and chose services for a midlevel projects such as mid manager recruitment on a project basis or hourly basis, or executive search or complete recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). RPO are staffing outsourcing services are for clients that want functional area expertise, internal client consulting, program and design, all at a reasonable cost per hire and specific service levels. 


RPO- Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Project Management & Contract Staffing


Executive Search

Human Resources Development


HRD – Human Resources Development is  a comprehensive  practice.  Clients have access to performance management systems identification and implementation, success planning and talent review, employee development and career planning, and onboarding and orientation. These programs are client focused program that is specific to the unique needs of each client. Services include training, process map design, and resource library development.


Performance Management Systems & Implementation


Employee Development & Career Planning


Succession Planning and Talent Review


Onboarding and Orientation

Systems & Programming


Services extend to specialized needs under Systems & Programs. Systems and Programs is the part of our practices with a la carte programing for specific needs, such as workforce planning, applicant tracking systems, college recruitment, career website development & Recruitment Branding, Job & Position descriptions, Interview guides, salary grading, and other service request needs.


Applicant Tracking Systems


College Recruitment & Internship


Career Website Development & Career Branding


Job Descriptions & Workforce Planning

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