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Out Placement


Layoffs at times are necessary. The way a company handles layoffs can be a positive and enhance their company’s brand. Synergy Global Resources HR Outplacement Services integrate a suite of valuable outplacement services that facilities a positive economic and emotional outcome for your company, your displaced employees, and your community. Our services give your employees the ability to determine market opportunities, implement a job strategy, and make the transition to the new job.

Career Transition Workshops (CTW)


Our career transition workshop is our capstone service that is tailored to the client needs. Clients are able to incorporate what is needed, structure a program, or go ala carte.  CTW can include career counseling, career decision making and planning, personality assessment and evaluations, resume development, job search strategy, interviewing skills, salary negotiation, managing a job fair, etc.


Career Counseling

Career Decision-Making and Planning

Personality Assessments and Evaluations


Career Counseling involves creating a cooperative approach to creating a career plan, including accessing your current ability, future goals, and achievement goals to close the gap. In addition, through various personality assessment tools and technique, Synergy Global Resources helps you uncover your hidden talents, desires, and tendencies, and what careers may be the most appropriate fit.


Professional Resume Development

Job Search Planning, Techniques & Tools

Interviewing Skills, Role Playing

Starting a New Job

Salary Negotiation


In a job search candidates need to development a methodology to survey the professional environment, determine their professional objective, created a communication and resume and define a target market.  Synergy Global Resources will give you strategies and tools to help in salary negotiation and what you need to do once you start the new job.


Managing Finances During Transition

Time Management


What is unique about our services are tools around helping those in transition be aware of expected financial and time management demands, and some strategies on how to optimally manage these two key issues during the job search.


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